Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 79

Don't have a whole bunch of time to email today. So I'll kinda just give a summary of the week. It was a really good one. Again, we didn't have a whole lot of interruptions so we could work hard and things went really well.

We have this one ami who, during our first rendez vous, had no desire to join the church. He was actually kinda going in a completely opposite direction. We've been seeing him every week and it's really cool to see the change he has made. He came to that movie last week and loved it! Our last rendez vous with him was really good and at the end we asked him to pray for us so we could find those people who are ready for the gospel and he was really touched that we asked him to help us with that. We've seen a few little miracles since and I'm sure it's thanks to his prayers and any others who pray us.

Sunday was awesome. When sacrament (first hour) started we had no Amis there, we were pretty upset because there were quite a few people who were planning on coming. Right when we thought no one was going to come roger and his family walked through the door, we were so happy to see them there! Then latter during sacrament I got a call from a guy that missionaries contacted in Charleroi (south part of Belgium) and had invited to come to our church. He wasn't quite sure where to go so we ran and picked him up at the metro stop closest to the church.

Today we went to this really cool market. Apparently it's world famous. It's called Marché aux Puces. There's a bunch of old cool stuff. Elder Bringhurst went with us and bought a little guitar for $10 haha pretty sweet. We ate some Greek food with him and his comp.

That's all for now.  Love you guys

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