Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 80

Dres bought an old camera at the market and took these awesome pics

We had a couple of exchanges this week. The elders from Nivelle came up here to Brussels Tuesday and stayed for most of Tuesday and part of Wednesday.   

Later Wednesday we hopped on a train down to Paris and then to Versailles for our exchange with the assistants. That went really well. We did a whole bunch of contacting with them, taught a lot of lessons, and found some new Amis. We caught a train back to Brussels Thursday evening. 

Friday was solid,a couple of our rendez vous were cancelled but we were able to find a couple new Amis and teach quite a few people just while contacting. We met with Claude, the guy that just kinda showed up at church cuz the Charleroi elders invited him. He lives out pretty far and it's going to be hard for him to get to church every week but I guess we'll have to see what happens. The Brussels sisters had a baptism Friday night and that was awesome. Some guy that elder Reiss contacted and invited the day before showed up and loved it. He went to Paris the day after so he couldn't come to church but should be there next week. We also found a new ami evening, Benjamin. He fixed a rendez vous with us for the very next day. That lesson went really well and I could see him progressing well.

Saturday morning we contacted this guy sitting on a park bench. He had a cat sitting on his lap, I tried to touch it but it bit my hand, drew blood, haha, we found out later that it was a wild cat that lived in the park that he was buddies with. We met with a really cool guy Saturday night, we found him in the area book.  He's met with missionaries quite a few times and wants to travel over to salt lake to see what Mormons are really like. The problem is that he has never even been to church yet. We told him he doesn't need to go to salt lake to find out it's true it would probably be a good idea to check out church first before even thinking about a trip to salt lake. He was a super cool dude though, he took us to a restaurant and got us cokes and one of his friends came and joined us half way through. He is super busy but is going to see what he can do to get to church.

Church was really cool, it was fast and testimony meeting since last week was ward conference. One of our Amis bore testimony on prayer!  Last week we invited him to pray for us so we could find people who are ready for us. He did it and we really did see some miracles. It was really cool to see him bear testimony about it and the members loved it. There was a referral that we hadn't meet yet who showed up for the last hour, he seems really cool. We ate at a member family's house that night and they were super fun! The boy is 20 and he is hilarious! They're from the Philippines.

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