Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 83

Super busy but awesome week! We had four exchanges and they were all here in Brussels!

Tuesday- we had district meeting and then did a "day of finding."  President wants us to consecrate a day to finding new Amis every week so our district leader made it a little competition and gave us a bunch of brochures. First one to hand them all out won a cake. Elder wells and I won 😏

Wednesday - we were on exchanges with the Spanish elders. We had a few rendez vous and a meeting with our ward mission leader. We ended our exchange in the evening and started another exchange with the liege elders. I was with elder Hein and we ate dinner with the young adults at the church and then went to a rendez vous at an Amis house.

Thursday - we continued our exchange with the liege elders. We had a few rendez vous throughout the day and then took the liege elders to the train station. Right as they left the assistants came in for an exchange. We went and passed by some houses that said we could come back. This one African guy yelled at us for a good 10 min out of the window, it was pretty funny though, we were kind of egging him on.

 Wednesday morning we switched comps and I went with elder McBride. He's a super cool dude! After getting lunch with the other APs and elder wells we went to a rendez vous with this guy named Sylvain. This was only my third rendez vous with him but he likes us a lot already.  After our lesson he handed us a sac with two pairs of army books, they were too small for me so elder McBride took them. We were really grateful and elder McBride saw a guitar in the corner and was like "can we play you a song in return?" Sylvain handed me the guitar and I played blackbird while we both sang. After i played paranoia in b flat major. At the end of the song he grabbed a sharpie from his desk, took the guitar, wrote something on the top, and handed it to me telling me he wanted me to have it. I was totally in shock. I was kind of hesitant to accept it but he insisted saying he hasn't played it in years and he would rather that I use it. It was super nice of him! And it's a pretty nice guitar too!

ill get a picture with him next week. The assistants left shortly after and then the elders from Nivelles came in shortly after. I started with elder Ashcraft and we had a few rendez vous that evening. 

Saturday- we switched companions during the exchange and I was with elder McDonald, he's the district leader and he's a really good dude. We went out contacting in the morning, taught a few lessons on the street and found a new ami. We went down to nivelle after so I could do a baptismal interview for one of their Amis that's getting baptized next week. He was a super cool guy! 

Sunday- church went well. After we just did a bunch of planning cuz we had met so many people thought the week that we needed to get in can't act with. 

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