Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 82

Yeah so we had transfers this week. Elder Reiss left early Wednesday morning.  The day before, Tuesday he said goodbye to a lot of people. Do you guys remember our ami from liege? François? He came up to Brussels Tuesday afternoon to get some lunch with us and say goodby to elder Reiss. It was fun seeing him again. We had a few rendez vous with our Amis and then went and got dinner with the young adults. There's a bunch of young adults here in Brussels and they're all super cool!

On Wednesday elder Reiss hopped on the train to Paris and I went on an exchange with elder motiuk for a few hours. We did a bit of planning and a bunch of contacting, met some cool people. We went and picked up our new comps at the train station. I took elder wells to the appt and then we went to a dinner appointment with a part member family, the one that loves motorcycles.

Thursday we had a pretty open day to go out and work. We had a few rendez vous, one with a guy that recently started coming back to church, he taught us some tai chi, pretty sweet. We also went to the albacite families house to have dinner with them. That's Kurts family, the super cool 20 year old.

Friday we woke up early and went down to mission council. That was really good. The missions making some big changes and it's going to be really good. It takes a bit of time to actually get things going but it'll be good. We got back home with just enough time to plan and eat some dinner.

Saturday we had a meeting with the district leaders to talk about their responsibilities and how we're going to do stuff this transfer. We had a little bit more planning to do after and then had a little band practice at the church. There's two member girls who wants to do a little street performance playing church songs and have missionaries
pass out cards and stuff. They asked me to play guitar. They are super good singers! We don't know when we're going to do it yet but I'll send some pics when we do.

Sunday went well. A big portion of our day gets taken up by church because it starts at 11h30 and gets over at 14h30. We had a rendez vous with an African guy down by the train station but he stood us up, classic. We went to a members house with elder Bringhurst for dinner and that was awesome!

Overall great week 😊

Love elder empey 

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