Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 46

Elder Siedow with Dres in the background


so for p day today a member is taking us out to Verdun so i dont have much time to email. its only been since wednesday when I emailed you guys last so theres not a whole bunch to add.

thursday- we went up to luxembourg to do an exchange with out district leader. we got to do some service and help a family that was moving. luxembourg is super international and there are a bunch of american members, the family we helped was american and all the people helping were english speakers, so that was really fun and kinda weird too hah.

friday- we stayed up in luxembourg today. there was a 15 year old boy that passed away a few days ago and the funeral service was being held today. they wanted missionaries to come help with it so our district leader got permission for our district to come help. it was a really cool experience but really sad too. 

saturday- we have this new ami thats from armania and we got to visit him. hes going to be moving soon and we are going to be helping him with that. he understands our message very well and seems like he'll be progressing soon. we had a couple other rendez-vous that went well and also did a lot of porting

sunday-church was really good. since we were in luxembourg most of friday we ended up doing our weekly planning today instead. Frere raymond invited us over for dinner, he is the coolest! 

stay sweet

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