Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 47

so last p day right after i emailed you guys we got to go to verdun with our friend Pauline. it was super sweet! Verdun is a city not very far from metz where a big world war 1 battle took place (pretty sure it was ww1, maybe the second) anyways, the battle went on for around 9 months and lots of people lost their lives (i forget the number but i wanna say somewhere close to 600,000) its a pretty well known spot and it was really cool to visit. we visited a couple of memorials and and two different forts.

I'm just going to share another cool little story from this week. We had a few hours one day where we didnt have anything planned so we were about to go out contacting when we decided to pray first and pick a specific part of the city we were going to go to. We decided on this one part of town called Pontifoy. we got over there and started talking to people. after a little bit this guy approached us and asked if we were the mormons. he brought us over to this appt building and started talking with us, he told us about how he had visited utah and the salt lake temple. after talking for a bit a lady, a friend he was helping at the moment, came out of the building. we started talking to her and found out that earlier that same morning she had gone to talk to a priest so that she could be baptized because shes going through a rough time right now and feels like baptism is something she needs. shes in the procces of moving so we got her number and said that we could help. im really hoping something can come from it, i guess we'll find out. 

so sorry but i dont have much time to write anything else. hope you guys have an awesome week! 

oh btw, the transfer just ended and i will be staying here in metz for at least 6 more weeks 
that also means i am in my 8th transfer 8/16   pretty crazy

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