Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 49

Dres' best buddy and our dear family friend Navy Dalton returned home today from his mission in Denver, Colorado.  We love you Navy!!!

we went and explored that fort again today and i dont have very much time left :/  but... we are supposed to be getting ipads this thursday so im going to be able to email a lot easier and fill you in on all the details and whatnot. 

this week was pretty solid. one crazy little story to share

we got a referral from the other elders at the begining of the week and went to go pass by his house. its up in an area of town called woippy and it can be a little bit sketchy sometimes. we went up there and found his appt building, we walked into the front door and pressed the elevator button when this punk came to the front door on a moped (around 20 years old), he started yelling at us telling us to leave because its a "muslim neighborhood and theres no christians there" i told him we had a friend that we were going to visit but he just kept yelling at us and drove his scooter into the building up to us. i told him he had no right to tell us to leave and he grabbed my shirt and started pulling us out of the building.we let him walk us out of the building and we started walking away. he left on his scooter and this other muslim guy who watched the whole thing came up to us and was telling us how that kid cant tell us to leave and we have every right to go visit our friend, he said we could go back in and if that kid came back we could let him know and he would help us out. we ran up to the guys floor but he wasnt there so we booked it out of that neigborhood before the dude could see us again.

we helped one of our amis moved this week and that went really well. his friend who was helping too got super frustrated at this car that was in the way of his van so he lifted the back of the car up and pushed it out of the way. big strong dude  

hope you guys have a great week! love you! oh and happy fathers day dad!!!!!!!!

love elder empey

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