Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 48

it has been a long but solid week. this last transfer we had quite a few amis but they all seemed to come to a stall in progression halfway through the transfer. some of them have been dropped and some have come back into the game. anyways, we started of this week/transfer in need of some new people. we started off the week with lots and lots of finding, contacting and porting. its been getting very warm and humid so that was a little bit sucky but im sure it could be worse. throughout the week we found a couple people with some potential but for the most part we werent seeing a bunch of success. we tried other ways to find people, trying to get in contact with ancient amis, finding less actives, calling old potentials, but we didnt seem to get much out of that either. 

it seems to be that after all we can do is when we're lent a hand and someone is put into our path. Two different members each brought a friend to church! one lives in our sector and the other in the other elders sector. they introduced them to us and we got to hangout with them throughout the meetings. by the end they were showing lots of intrest and said they would love to hear our message. it was soo sweet! now that i look back on it, this whole week pretty much feels like the first week of my second transfer in the field. i remember elder davis and i looking so hard for people to teach and then it was on sunday when bernard showed up at church. that would be pretty cool if everything worked out the same as that did!

for p day today we decided to go look for a fort. we tried to check out this one but it was pretty lame and so decided to look for another one. we walked a good couple miles and climbed up this hill and found this sweet old fort at the top. we didnt spend much time up there but i think we're going to go back next p day. elder wells saw some metal sticking out of the ground and pulled it out, it turned out to be this sweet old sword thing. maybe its just an old gardening tool but we like to think its a sword :) 

elder quist got transfered and left on wednesday. elder wells now has a new companion, his name is elder johnson and hes from portage utah, hes a cool dude. 

love ya! have a great week! 

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